Nostalgic hashish products,
Authentic smells, tastes,  and experiences.

Through our collection of globally recognized heirloom genetics, knowledge of old-world practices, and an intense passion for the cannabis plant,
HASHCO’s products will consistently deliver an unmistakable experience.

Exploring Canadian Terroir

HASHCO is actively developing partnerships with licensed Canadian cultivators to produce
the born-and-bred flavours that have made this land famous all around the world.

Fresh Flower

73u Separation

Dried Hashish

Passionately Farmed.
Patiently Finished.

HASHCO’s range of nostalgic extract products will be all natural, made with no additives, hydrocarbons, or carcinogenic solvents.

Our trusted separation and curing techniques result in exceptionally high quality cannabis extracts that pay tribute to historic traditions.


The Beginning of Something Big