HASHCO works with licensed cultivators to craft authentic, traditional Hashish products and experiences with focus on quality and innovation in regulated markets.


Refined Separation Techniques

Our Hashishin use refined, modern applications of ancient trichome collection methods to allow us unprecedented access to the best parts of the cannabis plant.


Nostalgic Hashish Finishing Techniques

The diverse and highly complex finishes applied by our experienced hashishin allow for incredibly dynamic, easy to enjoy resin products. 


Selective Breeding Programs

Integral relationships with cannabis farmers allow us to further the development of our heirloom hash-specific cultivars, grown in Canada and around the world.


Innovative Product Development

Understanding the powerful compounds found within cannabis resin is the lifelong journey of a Hashishin, a centuries-long tradition we are grateful to honour.

HASHCO can process your licensed crop. Let’s discuss how.

Beautiful Resin comes from
Passionate Farmers.

HASHCO works with micro-license partners to support the small businesses and independent farmers that made legal cannabis possible in Canada.

Traditional Insight,
Modern Process,
Exceptional Hashish.


HASHCO collaborates with licensed cannabis cultivators to create clean, familiar, reliable cannabis extract and concentrate products.

Our separation and finishing methods have been adapted from generations of traditional Hashishin, with modern health and safety regulations applied to ensure only the highest quality, most desirable cannabis resin reaches the consumer.

Accessories for the modern Hashishin.