About Us

Traditional Craftsmanship.

Modern Standards.

The history of civilization told through artisanal hash is a tale of passion, science, and enlightenment. From the beginning of agriculture, we have been refining cultivation and separation techniques for increased access to treasured cannabis resins.

What we do.

HASHCO crafts authentic, traditional hashish tastes, smells, and experiences, with focus on innovation and modern safety regulations.

We Love Resin.

Our boundless passion for the unique compounds found in the glistening trichome heads of a ripe cannabis plant have propelled us on a never-ending quest for greater knowledge. Translating the properties of time tested traditional methods into modern practices is a journey we undertake with great honour.

While prohibition restricted the development of an industry and forced it to exist underground, the Cannabis Act of Canada has made it possible to uncover and explore cannabis in new, and old ways.

Through development of specialized breeding programs with licensed cultivation partners in Canada and around the world, HASHCO is committed to the development of modern heirloom cannabis genetics specifically for the production of the world’s finest resins.


Refined, modern applications of ancient trichome collection methods providing unprecedented access to the best parts of the cannabis plant.



Integral relationships with cannabis farmers will allow us to further the development of our heirloom hash-specific cultivars, grown in Canada and around the world.


The diverse and highly complex finishing techniques applied by experienced Hashishin allow for incredibly dynamic, easy to enjoy resin products. 


Understanding the powerful compounds found within cannabis resin is the lifelong journey of a Hashishin, a centuries-long tradition we are grateful to honour.

Hashishin Hash·ish·in


i.  A dedicated explorer of novel experience and nostalgic indulgence.  A focused observer.  A passionate and curious scientist. 

ii. A master of resin transformation, and humble servant of the cannabis plant.