The Hashish How-to

From the old, to the new, to the inventive. 

Discover some of the many ways you can experience Hashish. 

Choose your adventure:

The Hash Kettle

1. Shape hashish into a hook .

2. Light the tip, blow out the flame.

3. Place on the dowel and cover.

4. Enjoy at your leisure.

Hashishin tip:

Check out @MastahGlass for more innovative glass designs and hash smoking techniques.

Pipes & bongs

1. Break hashish into small pieces.

2. Pack the bowl with Hashish.

3. Light and enjoy.

Hashishin tip:

Interested in another authentic inhalation route?
Look for a traditional pipe known as a ‘Chillum.’

Joints and blunts

1. Break your hash up into small balls, or roll it into a snake.

2. Break up or grind some cannabis flower.
Add hashish to the mix.

3. Place a filter and delicately pour your concoction into the rolling paper.
4. Tuck, roll, lick, and light.

Hashishin tip: 

Prep like a Pro. Acquire top quality hashish, activate it by lighting it for about 2-3 seconds, then blow it out, crumble or roll it into a snake, and add it to your joint.

The hot knife method

1. Break a piece of hashish off and roll into a small ball.

2. Place a small ball of hashish on a titanium knife.

3. While wearing heat resistant gloves, heat another knife using a torch or stove top until it glows red.

4. Carefully sandwich the hashish between the hot and cold knives until you see smoke begin to flow and enjoy.

Hashishin tip: 

Put a couple toothpicks through a toilet paper roll and drop an ice cube in. The toothpicks should stop the ice from falling through. Then have a friend hold the knives together while you inhale smooth chilled smoke.

Bottle tokes

1. Break a piece of hashish off and roll into a small ball.

2. Make a hole in a clean bottle.

3. Pick up a ball of hashish on the cherry of a lit joint.

4. Place the burning end into the hole, letting smoke fill up the bottle.

4. Inhale.

Pro tip: 

Don’t have a bottle handy? Place a small ball of hash on the top of a folded paper clip. Light the hash, blow out the flame, and place a glass cup on top until full. Lift the cup slightly and inhale using a straw.