Frenchy Cannoli left us on July 18 after suffering complications from surgery. He packed multiple lives into his too-short 64 years, from young nomadic traveler learning the art and culture of hashish production, to his adult years as husband and father, finally to acquiring a mature countenance as a hashish guru and spokesman for his own brand. He did it all and experienced life on his own terms.

If you wanted passion, artistry, and the best hashish this planet produces, Frenchy was the expert the experts went to. There was no one like him.

“I met Frenchy in mid-2019 at a workshop he hosted in Toronto. I was blown away by his skill set, both as a hash maker and a teacher. Frenchy’s artful personality was as rich as his hash – he had a kind of blunt honesty that resonated with me. He speaks in quotes. My personal favourite: “We smoke the hash that doesn’t make it off the mountain” – referring to the highest quality hashish the farmer and hash-maker keep for themselves.” – Ty Metford (HashCo Chief Operations Officer)

In the winter of 2019, Frenchy hosted the HashCo Hookah Lounge in Las Vegas for our brand launch event. The MJbizCon “Golden Key” afterparty was a blazing success. He was animated and real as fuck, spinning stories that were unique and amazing. At dinner, he went into depth about aspirations, hash history, science, evolutionary psychology, and more. We had hoped to come together on some future projects but Covid-19 travel restrictions made it impossible. We’re very sad we won’t be able to work with him again.

To know more about his life, dreams, mission, and aspirations check out his Youtube channel here 👉

RIP Frenchy.